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Many people would like to convert to a vegetarian lifestyle but do not know how. They imagine a life of eating nothing but salads. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There are many ways to become meatless and still have a wonderfully tasteful cuisine. There are products on the market that substitute soy products for meat that taste wonderful with the additional benefit of eliminating the grease.

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Vegetarians and the Thyroid:

Here's a warning for those that want to be vegetarians or vegans and have thyroid problems! Soy products are one of the things that block the hormones that the thyroid produces. If you have problems with weight gain, no energy, feel achy a lot, have your doctor do a thyroid screen. If you learn that you have thyroid problems you need to stay away from soy products, peanut butter, cabbage, mustard, iron, and flouride in your water. (Your doctor may not tell you this, he may not know.) All of these things blocks the thyroid from functioning properly.

You will find that you need to read the ingredients in everything in the grocery store. Your grocery store becomes your library. Remember to bring your glasses when you go shopping. Thyroid problems means that your lifestyle will change.

Are you a vegetarian and need to be gluten free? Take a look at this wonderful cookbook with Gluten Free Recipes

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