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Politics can be a heated subject in conversations, writings and mainly in the imagination of the media. The reality is that most people are just trying to live their life as best they can and have very little interest in the lives of politicians and their antics, but much greater interest in the issues that effect them personally.

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The case for voting Democratic

Issues that must be clear to the voter during these hard times are the economy, the war, health care.... To those of you who feel that they are Republican because the Republicans are the party of Christian conservatism let me point something out. The Republicans have tried to point to their "family values" as a reason to vote Republican. As far as I can see the only "family values" that are addressed by the Republican slate is their stand on abortion. Every other part of their slate is designed to make the rich richer and more powerful.

The Democratic Party's slate seems to be more in tune with the ethics that are within the teachings of the bible and other religions. They want to provide health care for everyone. How about sharing the tax burden more equitably. A member of the middle class pays many times what the rich pay in percentage of their income. Is it Christian to take someone who is struggling to support a family, a person who can't afford to send their kids to college for example; and tax them at a higher rate than someone who is concerned about which college to send their children. The Republicans say we shouldn't tax the people who create the jobs. Is that what they have done? Or have they just put that tax savings, in their pocket and cut income from their workers, moved jobs overseas and families onto the streets....etc. This is the reality. Money isn't what has "trickled down".

Wouldn't you prefer to have a responsible government? Is it responsible to cut funding for teachers in a school system that is one of the worse school systems on earth? To cut funding on police and fire protection. This is responsible? Yeah, we need more guns on the streets. Florida (with a Republican dominated state government) passed legislation that allows people to carry guns to work. I guess they consider this a responsible form of crowd control??? Just let them kill each other ...problem solved....???

Offhand I would say that their claim to family values is a smoke screen designed to get votes from people who don't really listen to what is going on. They have somehow sold people on their so called "family values", gun control..and other emotional issues that do not attract anyone who really listens. Unfortunately there are many who don't.

Democrats will redistribute the tax burden. That means that your taxes will be less, and Corporations that send jobs overseas will be taxed at a much higher rate. Example: The property tax cut that was put into place in Florida was meant to get votes for a Republican governor. The average person got a couple hundred bucks, which they lost several times over because of the cost of fuel. Corporations like Disney saved millions, and have a record making profit this year. Are they paying their employees more? Not on your life. They have actually cut their payroll.

Is it Christian to leave people on the streets because you would rather pay trillions of dollars on a war that should never had been started, while there are people...families living on the streets because they have help from no one. There are people with psychological problems living on the streets that should be housed in institutions that used to be funded by the government. No money now???? - Bill Boyer