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             Stain Removal

Stain Removal Hints
 Stain Description  Removal Hint
 Bathtub stains  Use a paste of cream of tarter and hydrogen peroxide
 Beer spills  On white cotton - use hydrogen peroxide, On colored fabric use white vinegar
 Blood drops  Use hydrogen peroxide on whites, or diluted ammonia on colors not bleachable. Do not use hot water as it will set the bloodstain.
 Chewing gum  On fabric: rub with ice until gum hardens, then scrape away. In hair: use vegetable oil or an oil-based cream. Work it in until gum is loosened.
 Coffee or tea  Mixture of either baking soda and water, or salt and white vinegar
 Dirty vinyl  Sponge with equal parts of rubbing alcohol and water.
 Egg stains  Rub with table salt
 Fruits and vegetables  Stretch fabric tight and pour boiling water over the stain so that water runs through the fabric.
 Grass stains  rubbing alcohol before laundering
 Grease or oil  Rub in talcum powder, cornmeal or cornstarch, let set and brush powder away.
 Mildew  For walls and floors use a brush dipped in borax and water. Books or paper, dust with talcum powder, cornmeal or cornstarch, let it set for 2 days, then brush off.
 Mustard stains  Use diluted ammonia before laundering
 Perspiration stains  Use white vinegar before laundering.
 Pet urine  white vinegar and water
 Residue from stickers  Saturate with vegetable or baby oil before rubbing off.
 Rust stains  Rub with lemon juice and salt, then rinse with water
 Stains from scorch marks  Use hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice, then rub with damp sponge.
 Tarnishes (Brass, copper)  Equal parts of salt and flour, add white vinegar to make a paste.
 Water spots on stainless steel  Use soft cloth dampened with white vinegar
 Wine stains  Soak with club soda and wipe away.

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