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Many of us get some idea about how to run a household from our parents (if they are doing their job). However, many people wisely learn something new each day.

This web site is for you to participate in, whether you send us articles, web site links, brief statements or replies, please send us what you would like to say. We will only publish the material you send, your name, and web site address if you have one. Send your Household hints, statements or web sites to Household Suggestions. We reserve the right to accept or reject submissions as we believe necessary.

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Stain Removal Hints

Here's some well known and not so well known household hints for removing stains.
Household Budget Hints

Cleaners are a large part of a families grocery budget. Here's some ideas about how to save a lot of money and still get the job done. There are an extraordinary number of ways to save money by substituting cheap products that work very well. Here's some ways you can take advantage of The Many Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

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