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For many of us health may be the most ignored part of our lifestyle. We eat foods that are unhealthy, we don't listen to warning labels, and generally treat our bodies terribly. Then we wonder why we get sick, gain weight, or just feel bad.

This web site is for you to participate in, whether you send us articles, web site links, brief statements or replies, please send us what you would like to say. We will only publish the material you send, your name, and web site address if you have one. Email your Health hints, statements or web sites to Health Suggestions. We reserve the right to accept or reject submissions as we believe necessary.

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Illnesses and treatment information


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10 Most Common Myths About Diabetes

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Weight Loss Advice

Losing weight is impossible unless you do one thing - Only eat one helping of food per meal.....period.
All the other things you buy to lose weight - the pills, special foods etc. are just a crutch and don't do you any good unless you control your food intake. Save your money - just eat less.

One helping doesn't mean piling up the food so high on your plate that it spills onto the table. It means one helping. This is extraordinarily simple, but it works. Stop blaming the restaurants (they serve too much food you say? Split your meals with a friend, or just leave half of what they serve you if you are alone. It's "cool" to do so.) Stop blaming your relatives....stop blaming everything else. Just eat less food.

Eat like a bird already? That's probably true, birds eat constantly - all day long.

Exercising is good, and it helps....but it is not a replacement. Just eat less food.

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