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We would like to show you how to cook, prepare, and serve food to explore your senses while saving you money. There are easier ways to cook food too. (other than micorwaving pre-prepared meals). We will explore shopping tips, food preperation tips, anything to do with food.

This web site is for you to participate in, whether you send us articles, web site links, brief statements or replies, please send us what you would like to say. We will only publish the material you send, your name, and web site address if you have one. Send your Food hints, statements or web sites to Food Suggestions. We reserve the right to accept or reject submissions as we believe necessary.

Need to be gluten free? Take a look at this wonderful cookbook with Gluten Free Recipes

ServSafe Training, Wilmington, NC - CertifiedSafeT Training: We provide training for all commercial food service operations, from acute care hospitals, Skilled Nursing facilities, Assisted Living, Caterers, and restaurants in The Wilmington, NC area.
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