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This may be the most serious, important and difficult subject we deal with on this web site. We would like to see tips on what the average person can do as this crisis unfolds.

This web site is for you to participate in, whether you send us articles, web site links, brief statements or replies, please send us what you would like to say. We will only publish the material you send, your name, and web site address if you have one. Send your Environmental hints, funny stories or web sites to Environmental Suggestions. We reserve the right to accept or reject submissions as we believe necessary.

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Moratorium On Buying New Cars

Want the auto makers to stop building big, expensive, gas guzzling, global warming automobiles? Stop buying new cars! Effecting their profit is the only thing they understand. See... Global Warming and Automobiles

Electric Car Conversion - Learn How To Convert Your Gas Car To Electric.
Global Warming Effects and Cause
Global warming Awareness Resources: Global Warming Effects, Global warming facts, Causes of global warming, Stop Global Warming, about global warming, global warming articles, global warming facts, Global Warming News and many more.

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